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Vision, Mission, Objectives, 
and Values

At Thrive Psychology and Wellness Centre (TPWC), our psychologists and psychotherapists thrive to adhere to the following vision, mission, objectives, and values. 

Our Vision

To provide quality care rooted in evidence-based practices in the delivery of virtual psychotherapy and psychological services. To meet the standard set by this vision, we commit to grounding our practice in our mission, objectives, and values and to regular adapting our practice based on feedback received and emerging research.

Our Mission

Our mission at TPWG is to commit to providing quality care rooted in evidence-based practices in a safe, convenient, and supportive environment. We aim to collaboratively attain established treatment goals to improve each client’s whole wellbeing and mental health wellness. We commit to practicing ethically and professionally and to maintain the standards and principles required in terms of professional skills and knowledge. Our mission is to provide services to adults and couples from diverse backgrounds and varying socioeconomic contexts. At TPWG, we also thrive to promote the growth of emerging mental health professionals by offering supervision to graduate students and those in the process of registering to their respective professional colleges.


At TPWC, our key purpose is to enable the provision of quality psychotherapy and psychological services by following these objectives:

  • Providing quality care rooted in established and emerging evidence-based practices and supported by ongoing learning opportunities and training.

  • Establishing a team of experienced, professional, and competent psychologists and psychotherapists with diversity in training, clinical interests, and treatment modality.

  • Encouraging each team member to develop specialized skills and knowledge based on their interests and passions.

  • Responding to new and existing client queries and requests within reasonable timeframes.

  • Engaging in a thorough intake process to ensure a proper client-clinician fit to maximize client outcomes. 

  • Utilizing our strong analytical and communication skills to advocate for clients and to educate the community and other professionals about the wide scope of the provision of psychological services.

  • Engaging in regular individual and group supervisions to facilitate professional development and to continue to enhance treatment plans towards improved therapy outcomes and to ensure client’s needs are met.

  • Establishing easily accessible resources and educational materials for clinicians and clients to maximize psychoeducation and treatment interventions. 

  • Facilitating the access to services required to supplement the services provided at TPWG.

  • Collaboratively working and communicating with the client’s multidisciplinary treatment team to capitalize on each providers skillset towards enhancing client treatment outcomes.

  • Establishing measurables of treatment progress that are frequently assessed and monitored to ensure that the interventions utilized are meeting the client’s needs.

  • Ensuring that each clinician balances their wellness needs and self-care to maximize their presence and ability to assist our clients.

  • Identifying gaps in treatment modalities and approaches and pursuing opportunities for expansion when possible.

Our Values

At TPWC, we value and stand for:

  • Trust and transparency. We understand that a foundational component of a therapeutic relationship and of vulnerability is trust and transparency. We respect and promote your self-discovery, without judgment, and we genuinely desire to understand your views. Given we work with clients with specific presentations and concerns, we dedicate ourselves to being equipped with empirically validated knowledge to enhance our understanding of the many unique issues and concerns affecting our specialized populations. With trust and understanding, we collaboratively set goals and personally tailor treatment that meet your needs, values, abilities, and aspirations. We clearly defined goals and expectations within our establish abilities and seek additional support for concerns that fall outside of our scope of practice.

  • Professional Practice. We thrive to practice professional and ethically by maintaining up-to-date knowledge on best practices principles and professional and ethical guidelines. We consult within TPWC and externally, when needed, to validate our treatment plans and approaches. We thrive to maintain and advance our professional competence by continually developing our skills and knowledge through further education, supervision, feedback, and self-reflection.  We thrive to recognize our limitations and to refer to appropriate resources when required.

  • Whole Wellness. We thrive to optimize your functioning and mental well-being meeting you in your current circumstances to build resilience and enable you to thrive amidst life challenges. We carefully assess your difficulties, relevant background, and strengths. Based on the information gathered, we provide psychoeducation that helps you understand the barriers to reaching your goals and provide you with evidence-based interventions and tools to facilitate the changes you wish to achieve.

  • Collaboration. You are the expert of your life, and we want to work together toward change. We thrive to foster a collaborative therapeutic relationship working together to understand your difficulties, involving you in treatment decision-making. We encourage you to voice your opinions, apprehensions, curiosity, questions, and thoughts throughout the process. We believe facilitating change requires alignment, partnership, respect, and mutual feedback.

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