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Calm Sea


Calm App


Discover quick and simple meditation and relaxation audios to use in the comfort of your own home or on the go. Choose your nature sounds, the relaxation type (e.g., free options include calm and body scan), and lenght of your practice. It's that easy! Incorporate this in your daily life to address your physical tension, learn how to relax your body and become more relaxed, happier and healthier.

iCouch CBT


iCouch CBT allows Cognitive Behavioral Therapy interventions targetting your thoughts, emotions and outlook to be practiced anytime from your phone. iCouch CBT features a clear, step-by-step, customized approach that leads you through the CBT process.  In addition to your learning in sessions, iCouch CBT will allow you to understand situations from the components of your emotions and thoughts, labelling distorted thinking patterns, and generating alternate and balanced thoughts. Once completed, your situations can be saved and emailed to yourself or your therapist.

Think Pacifica


If you are struggling with anxiety, whether it's unpleasant or debilitating, it can be challenging to understand what you are going through. Pacifica is based on cognitive behavioral therapy principles and includes relaxation techniques, thought diaries, tracking tools for anxiety and mood, and goals setting. In conjunction with therapy, Pacifica allows for greater deep of emotional shift and symptom reduction.



Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

App targetting symptoms of insomnia or sleep-related difficulties. Developped by the US Department of Veterans Affairs, this app will teach you about sleep, sleep routines, and your sleep environment. This program and the strategies discussed will assist in alleviating symptoms of insomnia.

Recovery Road


Built on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy principles and partnering with treating clinician, Recovery Road allows you to monitor your behaviors, thoughts, and feelings with regards to your eating difficulties, use healthy coping strategies to address unwanted behaviors, and allow to connect your progress with your treatment team.

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